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Título : la disfuncionalidad familiar en los Hogares de Los estudiantes del ciclo basico del colegio Técnico mixto 27 de febrero de la ciudad de Loja Periodo 2010 - 2011
Autor : Graciela Del Cisne
Salinas Cuenca, Maria Del Carmen
Córdova Huanca, Rosa Nelly
Armijos Rivera, Ofelia Veranea
Fecha de publicación : 2011
Resumen : Our paper titled "The dysfunctional family in the homes of Students in Basic Cycle Technical College February 27 Joint City of Loja was developed through a careful study to the students and parents of this institution Education. Whereas the family is the cornerstone for the development of the human being where we were educated and trained to function in society, it is here where we can find the protection, understanding, love and respect that everyone needs to live, is Thus the importance of family unity in order to overcome the difficulties that may arise. The breakdown of family ties is a serious problem for their members because they live in an unsuitable environment and difficult to cope because there is a rift between its members and therefore tends to dry up the communication. Problems in the family no doubt affect the most vulnerable children are evidenced in their behavior and showing in the environment in which they operate. The success of face and overcome family problems is family unity, communication, unconditional support to provide its members and the desire to seek professional help to guide them, guide and contributes to the solution of their problems. With the development of our field work it was known a number of problems caused by dysfunctional families do not allow that there is harmony and physical and psychological stability in these homes. For this reason, harmony and emotional stability that should exist in the family is of vital importance because it influences the development of youth, so parents need to strive for harmony and stability in their homes and thus have a functional family nurturer. (Due compressor is emotional security, respect, trust, etc.)..
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