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Título : Plan de negocios para implementar una empresa productora-comercializadora de tilapia roja ubicada en el sector de San Pedro de la Bendita
Autor : Idania Paucar Jaramillo
Espinoza Yaguana, Vanessa Katherine
Tenesaca Garcia, Alexander Michael
Fecha de publicación : 2013
Resumen : The present refers to a "business PLAN to implement a company producer - marketer of Red TILAPIA, located in the area of SAN PEDRO of the blessed" which was carried out in order to raise awareness and encourage the consumption of Tilapia considering it that today is one of the best cost-effective and innovative in Ecuador activities gaining popularity among producers and consumers by their resemblance to marine species of great economic value, fine texture and mild flavor. For the realization of this project was used the deductive, inductive scientific method as well as techniques which helped in the development and completion of the project, similarly was taken as a sign to the EAP (78319) of the same city of Loja that served as the primary axis in its development. The development of this project was necessary to the approach of four specific objectives so we have: the market study where it was determined that there is an unsatisfied demand 47184 pounds of tilapia annually in accordance with the tastes and preferences of families inhabiting the four urban parishes of the city of Loja. Marketing plan where it was defined as "ACUATILAPIA Cia Ltda." trade name with the logo of the company, another important aspect to mention is the budget of income in which consists the sale of Tilapia that will be USD 3.83 per pound in the first year is additionally designed. The distribution of the product will be directly (producer/Comercilaizador - end consumer) to get in this way the product at a price accessible to families. To publicize the company used advertising media among them we have colossal (97.3FM) radio and newspaper La Hora, for being the media with greater acceptance within the city, similarly surrendered flyers by opening of the premises. Also estimated that the capacity used will be 70% of installed capacity (47,87%) in pounds since there is lack of knowledge of the company and will be increased by 3% annually to thus reach 100% of the installed capacity in the last year. Equally in Legal study, a limited liability company, according to the requirements of the Superintendence of companies was formed, company's Office will be located in the city of Loja, in the central part of the city, since there are the greatest number of inhabitants. Was then estimated investments in the financial study in fixed assets which will be USD 33.101,16; in deferred USD 1.931,73; and Working Capital of $ 9.930,68 on a quarterly basis; It gives a total of necessary investment of USD 44963,57; which will be financed by shareholders and the National Bank of public works with a 60% and 40% respectively. Based on the initial investment was the calculation of the total cost of production for the first year which will be USD 43.589,01; and for the last year of USD 56.974,01. Total revenues in the first year will be USD 63.204,06 for then USD 82.612,31 over the past year. The utility liquid in the first year after assuming its obligations with workers and tax shall USD 11.254,14 in the first year, and $ 16.996,08 in the tenth year. The equilibrium point where the costs are equal to revenues will be in the first year using the "% 66,68" installed capacity to sell USD 42.143,98; While in the tenth year of "62.93%" i.e. USD 54.494,95. It was finally determined cash flows obtained for the ten years of useful life of the project are positive; basis on which indicators were applied VAN which was USD 39.910,15 by what the project is feasible financially; also determined the PRC (Capital recovery period) that will be 3 years, 3 months and 8 days; the RBC (relationship benefit costs) will be USD 0.45 utility for every dollar invested; the IRR is "32,19 %" exceeding the cost of capital that is "13.30 %" therefore generates higher yield than the cost of the debt; in the sensitivity analysis the investment is not sensitive in rising costs from "22 %" and the decrease of income up to 15%. Finally these values give emphasis to make respective conclusions and recommendations regarding the investigation.
URI : http://dspace.unl.edu.ec/jspui/handle/123456789/4295
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