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dc.contributor.advisorCriollo V,Marciaen_US
dc.contributor.authorVivanco Ríos, Leidy Adriana-
dc.description.abstractThis research work entitled “AN EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE AS A SUPPORT RESOURCE TO EVALUATE THE BASIC LEVEL OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING”, whose general objective was to determine whether educational software supports the learning of English Language with students of English Language Career was developed to know whether the implementation could help our career to improve the evaluation system. The Method we used to develop this research was the “Software Development” method, which helped us to analyze the needs of the career and propose a change in the evaluation system to the applicants of the career. The technique we used was the interview, which was applied to the students of first module; this interview helped us to support our idea of implementing a new evaluation system for the career. After this analysis, we elaborated a software based on the contents in the twelve units in Touchstone 1 textbook. This software will test the applicants in a more effective, easily and complete way. The usefulness of this software will let professors know what applicants have the basic knowledge in English and the ones who need to take a basic course to get the necessary knowledge to be successful during the career.en_US
dc.titleAn educational software as a support resource to evaluate the basic level of the english language learning at “national university of Loja – english language career”. academic period 2010-2011en_US
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