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Título : Influencia de la vegetación arbórea y arbustiva de sombra en el microclima de los sistemas agroforestales con café (Coffea arabica L.) en la parte alta y baja de la hacienda Cristal, en el cantón Loja.
Autor : Chamba Caillagua, klever
Ortiz Valdez, Cynthia Katherine
Palabras clave : CAFE
Fecha de publicación : 12-jul-2019
Editorial : Loja
Resumen : LECTIMUS plataforma digital para el desarrollo de competencias lectoras
Descripción : The current work was carried out in two places of the Cristal farm, in Loja, located at 1 969 and at 2 069 m.a.s.l, characterized by the presence of plantations of arborized coffee trees. This research was carried out with the purpose of characterizing the arboreal and shrubby composition, as well as to determine the conditions and microclimatic variations of the agroforestry system (AFS) with coffee in the upper and lower part of the farm. For the collection of both vegetative and microclimatic data, 3 plots of 400 m2 each were delimited in each site; in each delimited plot variables of height, perimeter and crown diameter of the existing species were measured, data that helped to calculate the importance value index. In addition, through a survey, primary information was collected, which corresponds to the information provided by the owner. Randomly in the plots of the two sites, every 25 days, momentary data of light intensity, air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed were recorded, both inside the AFS with coffee and in full sun. As a result, a registry of 24 forest species was obtained, both native and introduced, with high commercial value, among which, the 87.5 % corresponded to trees; 8.3 % shrubs and 4.2 % herbaceous. The species with the highest importance value index were: Alnus acuminata H.B.K, Cedrela montana Moritz ex Turcz and Triplaris cumingiana Fish. and Meyer. In general, the shade percentage ranged from 53.83 to 64.46%, the temperature was between 17.71 and 24.24 ºC, relative humidity from 57.20 to 79.86 % and the wind speed from 0.00 to 0.77 m s-1; which partially agrees with what is recommended by some authors. In addition, both positive and negative correlations were shown between the shadow and the microclimatic variables evaluated. Keywords: Coffee, agroforestry systems, plant species, microclimate
URI : http://dspace.unl.edu.ec/jspui/handle/123456789/22105
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