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2015The multiple intelligences, applied in the english teaching process, with students of third year of bachillerato, at La Salle high school, morning section, academic year 2014–2015Rodríguez Ludeña, María Patricia; Gutiérrez Machuca, Geovanny Leonardo
2015Micro-curricular planning and its influence on the acquisition of english as a second language with the students of 8th, 9th and 10th grades of basic education at colegio nacional mixto Vilcabamba, academic year 2014-2015Troya Sánchez, Miriam Eucevia; Malla Rengel, Janina Vanessa
2015The use of lead-in activities to improve the speaking skill with 10th year sudents at José Ingenieros n° 1 public school, academic period 2013-2014Sarmiento Bustamante, Elizabeth María; Ordoñez Silva, Diego Fernando
2015The use of role playing as an interactive technique for improving the speaking skill in learning english as a foreign language among 3rd year students at centro educativo integral Alborada, during the academic period 2013-2014Dávila Vega, Carmen Enith; Bustan Japon, Mariana del Cisne
2016The use of educational kid web sites as a resource to improve english vocabulary among students of 6th year, at Zoila Alvarado de Jaramillo” school in Loja city, academic period 2014-2015Dávila Vega, Carmen Enith; Santin Aguirre, Luisa Jhuliana
2016Improvement of speaking skill through the use of role play and simulations with the second year of bachillerato, at 27 de febrero high school in Loja city, during the académic period 2014- 2015Dávila Vega, Carmen Enith; Tinitana Tinizaray, Jimmy Alexander
2016Th incorporation of games as a pedagogical alternative to improve speaking skills of students of eighth year of basic education, at Enrique Aguirre Bustamante school, quillollaco neighborhood in Loja city, during the 2014 – 2015 academic yearDávila Vega, Carmen Enith; Quituizaca Chamba, Banesa Johana
2015The use of the mother tongue in the english language classroom with students of 2nd and 3rd years of bachillerato, at tecnico fiscal mixto 27 de Febrero high school. Academic year 2012-2013Dávila Vega, Carmen Enith; Encalada Tacuri, Paola Alexandra
2016The pow+tree as cooperative learning strategy to develop writing skills amongst students of second year of bachillerato at 27 de Febrero high school. academic period 2014-2015Troya Maldonado, Miriam Eucevia; Astudillo Maldonado, Ruth Katherine
2015The teaching methods and the motivation for the english language learning in students of 9th year of basic general education at Nacional Nocturno Catamayo high school, academic period 2013-2014Trujillo Ojeda, Silvana Isabel; Macas Jimenez, Alexandra Magaly