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Título : The use of the didactic means as pedagogical support in the english language teaching and its repercussion in the meaningful learning of the students at “Manuel Cabrera Lozano” high school, Motupe Extension. Academic year 2006-2007
Autor : Dra. Marcia Criollo V. Mg. Sc.
Cabrera G., Amparo del Rocío
Chamba, Melva Rosa
Fecha de publicación : 2007
Resumen : The present research work titled: THE USE OF THE DIDACTIC MEANS AS PEDAGOGICAL SUPPORT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING AND ITS REPERCUSSION IN THE MEANINGFUL LEARNING OF THE STUDENTS AT “MANUEL CABRERA LOZANO” HIGH SHOOL, MOTUPE EXTENSION. ACADEMIC YEAR 2006-2007. has been developed with the purpose of researching about the way that, the teachers use the didactic means in the teaching of the English Language as pedagogical support to get meaningful learning in the students of the before mentioned school. Within this objective we want to know specifically about the use, planning and selection of the didactic material by the teachers in the English Language Teaching Process. In the development of the present work we have made use of the scientific method as the main one which has helped to find the true about the researched object. And we have also used as particular methods the explicative, descriptive, analytical synthetic and deductive methods. To develop the field work we applied the instrument of the survey to the teachers as well to the students, to process the information we have used the descriptive statistics which had helped us to represent the information in a descriptive way. The main results of the investigation are: there is little use of didactic means by the teachers to support their teaching and we also identified that the teachers do not plan and select the didactic means according to the class objectives and methodology. Therefore students do not get meaningful learning in the English subject. Consequently in the researched institution we found that there is not enough use of the didactic means as pedagogical support by the English teachers and it limits that they reach meaningful learning with their students into the English Language teaching process.
URI : http://dspace.unl.edu.ec/jspui/handle/123456789/7065
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