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Título : The remedial activities within the evaluation process of the english language with the students at susudel technical high school, academic period 2010-2011
Autor : Bertha Ramon Rodriguez
Rodriguez Castillo, Alcivar Hernan
Fecha de publicación : 2013
Resumen : The thesis entitled “THE REMEDIAL ACIVITIES WITHIN THE EVALUATION PROCESS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH THE STUDENTS AT SUSUDEL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, ACADEMIC PERIOD 2010-2011”. The research problem is, how the remedial activities influence on English Language Learning at “Susudel Technical” High School. This problem is pertinent; because it is a theme that can help the English teachers and students of the researcher institution to solve many problems around the teaching and learning process. The researcher establishes as general objective, to research the influence of the remedial activities on the English language learning. In the methodology, the scientific, descriptive, analytical-synthetic and the explicative methods were used; the survey was used as technique. The researcher worked with 86 students (all population) and 3 English teachers of “Susudel Technical” High School. Once applied the methods, techniques and instruments of the research it was gotten some important results such as: remedial activities influence on the students’ English language learning, English teachers are not using remedial activities constantly and finally a big percentage of students at Susudel Technical High School need remedial education.
URI : http://dspace.unl.edu.ec/jspui/handle/123456789/3088
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