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Título : The use of the didactic material and the classroom language in the learning of english with the students of 8th, 9th, and 10th years of basic education at “27 de Febrero” high school, academic year 2009-2010
Fecha de publicación : 2010
Resumen : The present research work titled: “THE USE OF THE DIDACTIC MATERIAL AND THE CLASSROOM LANGUAGE IN THE LEARNING OF ENGLISH WITH THE STUDENTS OF 8TH , 9TH , AND 10TH YEARS OF BASIC EDUCATION AT “27 DE FEBRERO” HIGH SCHOOL, ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2010”, has as general objective: “To research the influence of the didactic material and the classroom language in the learning of English with the students of 8th, 9th, and 10th years of Basic Education at “27 de Febrero” High School, Academic year 2009-2010”. In this investigation, the scientific method was used through a logical and systematic procedure to discover the truthfulness of the facts. The inductive and deductive methods were employed to study, to analyze and to extract the respective conclusions about the topic. The analytic-synthetic method served to analyze the empiric information after applying the instruments. The descriptive method was useful to elaborate the description of the problem, to draw up the objectives, to define the theoretical frame, to determine the hypotheses and to select the techniques which permitted the collection and interpretation of the information in a coherent way. To make possible the collection and organization, processing, analysis of the data a survey for teachers and students and a direct observation to teachers `classes were applied The obtained results through the applied surveys proved most of teachers only use the text book as main resource, they do not introduce extra activities to motivate their students to practice the language in class, methods and techniques are presented in a traditional way, they do not use English in their classes and they use a lot of translation. In conclusion, most of the teachers do not use enough material in their classes, so it is important to complement the book with extra material to achieve an effective students’ learning; the given results have evidenced that most of teachers introduce the language in a traditional way, however they are responsible to look for the best alternatives that permit students to discover and explore their abilities of learning; on the other hand, most of the teachers use grammar translation method in their classes avoiding to develop students’ skills, creativity and self steam, finally the students do not have a good English learning level, but the teachers have to apply appropriate methods, techniques and strategies that permit students to improve the students ´learning.
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